Thursday, February 21, 2008

Look around

I've always liked Kristof's editorials, though I often disagree with his positions. He brings attention to backwater places of the world with the poorest people, and ties events there into the greater global picture.

But it seems like in his last editorial he's so disgusted that he's grasping at straws trying to blame the US instead of the Kenyan people for their problems.

a mob of Kikuyus was running down Robert.

He claimed that he was Kikuyu as well, but the suspicious mob stripped him naked and noted that he was not circumcised, meaning that he could not be Kikuyu. That’s when his attackers held him down — smashing his arm when he tried to protect himself — and performed the grotesque surgery in the street to loud cheers from a huge throng.

The crowd shouted war cries and was preparing to decapitate Robert with a machete when the police arrived and rescued him.

And then he blames us

Many Kenyans also say that the United States has been a part of the problem. In our desire for stability, we acquiesced in election irregularities in countries like Ethiopia and Nigeria, inadvertently signaling that Mr. Kibaki could get away with stealing re-election.

The United States cozied up to Mr. Kibaki and initially congratulated him on his “victory,” without being emphatic enough that election-rigging is intolerable.

And then returns to the brutality

Flying over northern Kenya to Eldoret, you see smoke still rising from some of the countless Kikuyu farms that have been burned to the ground in areas where many Kikuyu were murdered. And here in Kisumu, the arriving Luo tell horrific stories.

“My wife was burned to death with our two children, aged 5 and 1 ½,” said Nicholas Ochieng, speaking as if in a daze. “Now I have no wife, no children, no house, no job. I have nothing.”

Mary Odhiambo, an aid worker tending to the new arrivals, said one shell-shocked woman arrived on a bus still clutching her husband’s head, wrapped up in newspapers, after a mob had hacked it off and mockingly presented it to her. A man arrived with his own severed penis in a sock.

I mean, COME ON. Seriously. You ask why I keep preaching HBD? It's because people who don't have abstract thinking skills (average Sub Saharan African IQ=70) think on a TRIBAL level. And don't understand nor respect the democratic process enough to create a functioning government with respect for minority rights.

And our attempt to impose one size fits all democracy on them is going to end up in flames. Sure, maybe we could have been more careful with Kenya, but stealing elections is something that happens all the time around the world. But the only place you see this level of brutality is in certain countries with certain religions and certain racial groups.

Bush stole the election, but how many Americans chopped each other? None, because we are a fundamentally CIVILIZED people.

And the longer we delude ourselves that people with the mental age of 12 can rule themselves and abide by our standards of civilization, the more innocent children are going to get hacked to pieces.

If you are a liberal and care about the world, stop going ga ga over Obama. Look at the world, and question your egalitarian beliefs.

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