Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Obama speaks from Illinois:
"Change is coming to America"
Did you hear that lowering of his voice that he tried to mimic King?

How much longer is he going to do his bs red-state blue state crap? They stood up for change? The voices of the people can be heard? Maybe we don't have to be divided by race, region, and gender.

What bs.

"Yes we can."

Can what?

"Because you are tired of being let down"
Wtf? You are going to be the biggest let down ever when you don't win.

"This time we have to seize the moment, write a new chapter in American History."
What will we write, exactly? That we had a chance to erase Bush but instead we chased a fantasy.

"This Fall we owe the American people a real choice."
Right...Clinton agrees with McCain on everything. Like 100 years in Iraq.

"Between change and more of the same"
Right...universal health care-more of the same!

Between backwards and forwards, future and past.
Unite everyone from all religions around a common purpose.
Who is most likely to change Washington.
Put an end to the politics of fear

Uh, ok...?

(Uh, at this point, he basically repeats word for word his previous speech)
We can take our politics to a higher level. They have been taught to be cynical.
Ordinary people can still do ordinary (extraordinary) things. Freud-slip?

Yes we can!
Yes we can!
Yes we can!

Is it just me, or am I just tired? I've heard this speech before, and his attempt at uplifting. But other than saying we are one, how is he going to bridge the disparities?

I would not be opposed to a Obama presidency. But he is just way too out there to win the general.

Race doesn't matter? But Obama lost overwhelmingly on Latino voters.
Race doesn't matter? Then why did African Americans vote 8-1 against Clinton?
Not rich vs poor? Then why is 50,000$ the dividing line between Clinton and Obama voters?

If Obama and Clinton were tied among different tracks of Dems, then I'd somewhat agree with his assertion that we can move beyond. But among blacks, Latinos, rich, poor, educated, not, young, old, south, urban, men, women, there are serious divisions.

Differences in demographics, but not deep differences in ideology that divide the Republicans.

Anyway, I've settled on Clinton and I'm ready to dig in. But I really want this to be over VERY soon. The primary is just painful, since I don't like to see 2 people I like attack each other. Oh well.


Sleep said...

I wana read about the robots =(

Truthsayer said...

2 bimbos having a catfight with meaningless soundbites.

Meanwhile, our fiat currency and economy are teetering on the verge of collapse. Which is why we just desperately cut the internet cables connecting the ME to EU to stop Iran's IOB.

Vote Ron Paul.